Page Two 2014

Page Two 2014

RunBuds kicked off in January. It is a 10 week long running program for women that is offered at Bull City Running Company in Durham. I did my first round of RunBuds in 2011 about six months after I started running.
Last year and this year I had the absolute pleasure of acting as a RunBuds leader for the AWESOME Bee Balms. The Bee Balms are one of five pace groups within RunBuds. We start the 10 week series at a 2:1 interval and finish up at a 6:1 interval. It is totally awesome to run with these women and to watch them transform from non-runners or to rediscover their love of running. Many of last year’s Bee Balms completed their first half marathon in the fall and several are doing the Merge 25k in just a couple of weeks.
During RunBuds this year, my co-leader and I invited anyone interested to go out to dinner post-run. On Thursdays I hosted a homework run and the fast and fabulous Ellen Moss worked with us on learning to perfect the post-run jump pic. We also did homework runs on Saturday mornings.


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