Pages Five and Six 2014


Pages Five and Six 2014

Running in a relay is one of the most fun race day experiences I have had to date. There were eight of us representing the RunBuds at the Massacre Marathon Relay in Greensboro in the beginning of February. We had two teams: the A Team, and the Bodacious Buds.
In addition to the RunBuds, Bull City Running Co. sent four members of the track team who came in first place among all the women’s teams. They were a sight to behold! Since they were running almost twice as fast as we were, we always had someone to watch coming through the relay point. It was a 16 leg relay, each leg was 1.6mi with the exception of the very first leg which was 2.2mi. I loved seeing the creative team names and costumes, and getting to see one guy qualify for Boston by running the entire relay by himself and another guy finish his second marathon of the day because he had run a marathon on the treadmill before coming to the race.


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