Page Eight 2014

There are SO many fun things happening on this page.  I can hardly stand it!  I tagged my pics with the day count on my running streak.  day 772 was the biggest snow we had this year and I wanted to get my run in before the sleet started.  I saw two things I’ve never seen before during that run, a set of four women carrying a table umbrella to protect them from the falling snow and people pushing cars up the hill towards campus to get to the top.  The meme pictured next to that pic was my favorite of a series created from a picture of the HWY nearby the same day.

day 780 was a typical Thursday homework run followed by a quick bite plus margaritas since Gloria had to miss so many of the post-run Monday dinners.  day 776 was a Laurel Hill preview run for the not so faint at heart RunBuds who are planning to do the Tar Heel 10 miler in April.  day 775 was an ever popular Point to Pint run where we picked a point on the ATT and ran to Tyler’s for pints!  I started 13.5ish miles from Tyler’s and picked up many RunBuds along the way.  The trail was covered with snow and sometimes ice and luckily also had four-wheeler tracks we could run in.  The Nike Watch threw me a party when my mileage on that run hit 14.02.

day 779 and 786 were runs with my oldest.  He and I did run:walk intervals and took breaks on benches and even had jelly bean breaks.  day 782 was a nice fast long run which I hadn’t been doing a lot of throughout the month and the picture above was a birthday dinner to celebrate the fast and fabulous Ellen Moss.

I am running the year and am on track to hit my goal.  I only have to run a little over 150 miles in March to meet my 1/4 year goal.

Page Eight 2014


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