Page Nine 2014

Page Nine 2014

RunBuds take on the Florence Forth 5k and 10k
Believe it or not, the RunBuds had the LARGEST group at Florence Forth this year. We even won an award for it. The day proved to be tons of fun. We met up for a group picture before the race and it had a shared start for both distances. I ran the 10k straight through with no walk breaks — it was a REALLY hilly 10k. I got to see bunches of my RunBuds along the course as well as my Physical Therapist Chad. At the finish everyone who was turning the day into a long run gathered slowly, filling up water bottles, getting a few calories in, and saying goodbye to the RunBuds that were done for the day. I got to briefly see the kids who showed up a few minutes after the kids dash and got a picture with Wool E. Bull and Logan. Then it was off for another 8.5ish miles to Bull City Running Company. We used this race + run as a training run for the Merge 25k. For the 8ish miles we kept about a 12:08 pace which was pretty awesome considering how all out I had run the 10k nearly meeting my previous 10k PR time. I was super surprised to see my family waiting for me at the running store at the end. I guess they felt bad that they missed the finish of the 10k. All in all it was a fun morning with my RunBuds and I was so glad to have gotten to share a small part of it with my boys as well.


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