Page Twelve 2014

Page Twelve 2014 What can I say about the Merge 25k? It was a surreal experience running all the way from Chapel Hill to Durham. All along the course we would be near things that I recognized from the 12 years we’ve been living here and I would think to myself, I can’t believe we ran all the way to this or that place. The hills kept coming for all 15.5 miles. I had a road warrior by my side in Kellie Grieger. She is fun to run with — she likes to entertain me while we run. We managed to find the parking garage no thanks to my awesome gps navigating skills and took the shuttle to the race start. We were able to catch up with a bunch of RunBuds and I even got to meet “in person” no less, Nathan Daughtrey, whom I had known virtually through running since the middle of 2012. The run started and Kellie and I kept a good pace throughout until around mile 11 or so. At that point we started adding a bit more to our walk breaks but we still came in to the finish at 3:01:23. The finish party was most excellent with good music and a great location. I enjoyed a much earned Mimosa and hung out with RunBuds, BCRC track stars, and even some of the lovely Proaxis folks. It was an awesome event and I was so glad to have gotten a chance to participate. Shout out to Merge Records, to Lindsey K and Christina, and to Bull City Running Company for putting on a spectacular event.


What Makes You Strong?

The Esprit de She is next month!!! I can’t wait. I just love a fun running event geared toward women and I love having something to force me to run a little farther on a week night in the summer. This week Esprit de She encouraged us to make a video about What Makes Us Strong? Here’s my submission.

If you haven’t registered for the race, do so today! Cary Run:
My referral code is EDS91

Page Eleven 2014

Page Eleven 2014

This page is of two of my favorite RunBuds events. One is the end of season potluck where all the runners bring something to share, go for a run, and then get our grub on. It’s always fun to see what everyone brings. This year Kim did an experiment and told everyone that we were all set on hummus, chips, and salsa. It ended up being a fabulous spread. Since it fell on St. Patrick’s Day we wore our green and it definitely livened up the party.
The second event is the RunBuds leader dinner — we all go out a week or two after RunBuds has officially ended and have a lovely dinner. There was no shortage of food, wine, or conversation at the table. It was an awesome dinner. It’s a real honor to serve the Durham running community with these incredible women.