Page Thirteen 2014

Every year towards the end of RunBuds the group registers for a couple of goal races.  For the Great Human Race we had a dedicated group of Buds show up on a rainy day for a 5k and 10k.  It was the first time they had a 10k option for this race so I was pretty excited.  Kara Fowler and I ran it together and kept it under an 11:30/mile pace.  I was so impressed with my Bee Balms who rocked it out at the 5k.

For Florence Forth we had won an award for the largest group which was a gift card to the Pit BBQ — so we were able to celebrate that race together with a nice assortment of appetizers.

Finally, on this page, my first ever trail race.  The Mountains to Sea is a 12 mile and 50k race put on by Bull City Running Company.  I went out for the preview run as well and had a really nice time running with my buddies Adrien and Karen.  They were so sweet to run slowly with me.  For the actual race, it had rained HEAVILY the day before, and the trails were SUPER muddy.  I ended up running with Robin and Sarah for most of the race.  I started out with some of the other RunBuds but just before the one mile mark, I ran into my buddy Adrien on the side of the trail with a broken leg.  He had a couple of folks helping him so I wished him well (after giving him a hard time about breaking his leg so early in the race) and told him I’d check in on him at the end of the race.  Luckily Sarah and Robin were coming up just as I headed out, so I was able to join them.  The whole thing took us over three hours which was well over our initial estimate, but it was SO muddy and it was hard to have any traction on the trails.  I was so happy to be on solid ground again that I went out for a road run later in the evening with some other RunBuds.runiversary-077


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