Page Thirty-Five 2014

This year I had the pleasure of being a race ambassador for the Esprit de She race series.  This race series is only for women and the 5k and 10k they host in Cary, NC is a blast!  It’s an evening run on a Thursday with wine, bubbly, food, and a spa booth at the end.  This year after the race was over, I got my hair braided and my nails painted — I ran out of time to get a back massage, but that was an option I could have had.  Each time I have done this race I have opted to do the 10k — mostly because when else am I going to talk myself into running more than three miles on a week night, but next year, I might have to run the 5k.  It would give me more time to enjoy all the fun after party stuff.

If you haven’t signed up for this year’s Esprit de She yet (aka the Cary race in June 2015) do it before the price goes up on December 31st and also get an exclusive performance shirt by Moxie.  Details + registration: #espritdeshe

I recently reapplied to be a race ambassador for 2015 and am anxiously awaiting the results.

This was my bio as featured on the 2014 Race Ambassador page:

Nan Lujan
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
I am a mother of two boys ages six and four. I teach elementary and master’s level. I started running using a run:walk interval program in 2010 and started a running streak in 2012. I have been running daily for more than 800 days. My typical race distance is the half marathon but I’ve done everything from a 5K to a 25K. My blog combines my experiences in the local running community with my love of photography and digital scapbooking. I love seeing new runners develop a love of running and encourage every woman to take at least 15 minutes a day for themselves to do something that they love.

runiversary album 2-021


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