Page Forty-Three 2014

I like to say that I have a summer affair with cross training.  When I am off from school, I have a bit of extra time on my hands and rather than fill it with MORE running, I take it as an opportunity to try out all the latest and greatest the local workout establishments have to offer.  I cashed in my month of free crossfit at Bull City Crossfit and used my two month voucher at Arrichion Hot Yoga.  My goal was to get to two yoga classes and two to three crossfit classes a week.  I liked the crossfit classes so much that I continued to go at least once a week after my month was up.

To make it even more fun, I invited a bunch of my buddies to try it out with me.  I convinced Kristen M, Cecilia, Amy, Lindsy, and Robin to check it out with me and also had the pleasure of working out on a couple of the days when Jen was there.

I posted the following review on google for Bull City Crossfit:

I have spent the summer participating in Bull City CrossFit classes. My true love is running, but even a runner has to do some cross training. Jack has done an incredible job creating a very approachable gym. I’ve been bringing my running buddies through one at a time all summer long and he hasn’t broken any of them yet. He is very conscientious about making sure everyone in the room is using good form. He circulates throughout the workout to check in with everyone and gives sound advice about what you can do to improve what you are doing. He never suggests weights that I can’t handle and no one in the gym is egging me on to do more. Everyone there has been really supportive and encouraging. I’m definitely stronger than I was when I showed up for the first class. I also appreciate the variety of class times that are available. I’ve seen other Crossfit “BOXES” around the area and by far this one seems to be the best. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to give Crossfit a try.

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