Page Forty-Five 2014

Ginny had a goal in 2014 to run a race every month.  She was having a tough time finding one for August when I came across the Run Raleigh Races fun run called Run til you Wine.  It was a fun event including different routes named different types of wine.  Each of the routes stopped by local wine shops and bottlers where you could take a photo.  At the end they had wine, special glasses, and then there were prizes awarded.  I ended up winning an entry into the City of Oaks 10k.

When the time came for the City of Oaks 10k, I looked over my training plan and it called for a fifteen mile run, so I upgraded to the half marathon.  The course was slightly different than the last time I ran it, and I enjoyed it more.  I also took my time on the race course because I was doing it as a training run and not as a race.

I enjoyed seeing Alexandra on the course finishing her marathon for Team in Training, cheering for Kellye at the finish line of the 10k, and seeing some of the women on the Bull City Track Club at the finish line cheering me on!

runiversary album 2-031


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