Page Sixty-Seven 2014

J&A came through with flying colors again at the Surfin’ Santa.  I was initially disappointed in the fact that the run was reduced to 5 miles, but I think it ended up being just perfect.  I spent the whole day there, working the J&A booth during the packet pick up and then doing the race and enjoying the after party.  The race route took us along the harbor which was BEAUTIFUL with a light display all along the way.  The course finished INSIDE the convention center and the corn chowder and beer/cider were a delicious post race treat.  I’ve also worn my finisher’s gloves a billion times since then.  I cannot say enough nice things about this series of races.  Another exciting thing that happened that day was that I hit 2014 miles for the year.  It was a goal that was really challenging for me in 2014.  I like goals that will take me the entire year to achieve and this was definitely one of them.  I had ten days to spare.

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Page Sixty-Six 2014

The Point to Pint is a lovely tradition we’ve started in RunBuds.  Basically we pick a point on the American Tobacco Trail and run from that point til we get to downtown Durham and then we celebrate with a meal at Tyler’s Taproom.  Lesa put together quite a large group to run one in December and it was lovely as per usual.  I remember being particularly tired at the end of this run.

I also did a virtual 10k with Merissa and Kim for the Beat the Blerch race that was held in Washington state.  We squeezed it in on the very last day of the year, nothing like procrastinating.

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Page Sixty-Five 2014

I just love the fun runs Bull City Running Company puts together.  It is great to have a chance to come out to the store, run a few miles, and just hang out with the awesome community they have developed.  We put on all the ugliest Christmas attire we could stand and went for a run through the Rollingwood neighborhood near the store.  It was a great 5k route.  I didn’t win any prizes, but I had fun!

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Page Sixty-Four 2014

In December, I continued my work at Bull City Crossfit.  We had a super fun holiday party at the West End Wine Bar with the whole box and Jack, our coach said a few words.  It’s so neat to be part of the box as part of its first year.  It’s a real community feeling.  Later in the month I visited Central Houston Crossfit while I was on vacation with my family.  It was definitely different but I held my own and it’s nice to know that much like running, anywhere you go, you can be included.

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