Page Six 2015

In January, marathon training was in full swing.  I’m logging a ton of miles and feeling good.  Cecilia started having a weekly Buehler run on Sundays and I’ve been able to make it out a couple of times for that.  I was selected to be a Nuunbassador for 2015 which is awesome.  I love NUUN!  I use it on all my long runs and often drink it the day after long runs as well.  It makes a huge difference in my running and helps me avoid the wall.  I failed my iron test in December when I tried to donate blood so I ended up having to push back my donation until January.  I passed with flying colors this time.  I’ve been taking an iron supplement occasionally and I’ve also been eating more shredded wheat.  It has something like 90% of the iron you need in a day.  A few buds have joined me on my 15X15 in 2015 journey and are doing 15k instead of 15mi.  Ginny finished her first 15k of the year in January.  Cecilia and Susie are doing it as well.

runiversary album 2-061


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