TowneBank 8k at Shamrock Marathon recap

marathon weekend page one

We made it to VA Beach on Friday evening, with about an hour and a half to spare before the expo closed. I picked up my packets for the 8k and Marathon and did a quick once over of the spending options throughout the expo. The kids had a tough time falling to sleep the first night, but they did eventually crash and Scott and I enjoyed some delivery Chinese food. Thank goodness for delivery.

On Saturday morning I grabbed the shuttle from our hotel to the race start for the 8k. The shuttle was awesome. I walked straight through the lobby and was on a shuttle in less time than it would have taken to get to my car in the parking lot. I texted Kellie and we met in the lobby of her hotel. I was able to get a muffin there and we sat and relaxed a bit before our race.

The 8k was just going to be a shake out run for me. With the marathon the next day my training plan called for 25-30 minutes and I figured that a little farther wouldn’t be a big deal, especially if I didn’t push the pace. Kellie and I did the 6:1 intervals I would use in the marathon and had a really awesome time just chatting and running and taking in the scenery.

We finished in 58:08.3 which was perfect since we were aiming to finish in under an hour. It was Kellie’s first 8k race distance so she got to ring the PR bell, but with my 49:14 from the Run Green 8k, I wasn’t going to be able to ring it until Sunday.

After a couple of beers at the party tent and a delicious cookie, we headed back to our hotel rooms. I had a little more trouble locating the shuttle on the way home, but made it back to the hotel and had a quick change of clothing before taking the boys to Dairy Queen for lunch. Then it was off to the expo for me to work at the J&A race booth with some of the other ambassadors.

I had a great time at the expo giving out cups full of race info on the series of races that J&A puts on throughout the year: Crawlin Crab, Wicked 10k, Harbor Lights, Surfin Santa, Shamrock, and the ODU 5k. I even got to hang out with Bart Yasso and get a couple pictures with him.

After the expo, the boys and I met up with the Griegers for dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant and then headed back to our respective hotels for an evening swim. Overall, it was a pretty great day, and a relaxing lead up to the marathon.


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