Page Nineteen 2015

Oh my was March a fun running month!  I hit 400 miles at the beginning of the month and 500 about midway through.  Marathon training will do that.  I had so much fun running in Chapel Hill as soon as enough snow melted in the beginning of the month with Sarah.  Ellen’s birthday bash got postponed a week, but it was awesome to extend the festivities.  Running in the EARLY morning hours was as fun as possible with Tracy, Kristen, and Janice at Duke and with Susie at the Third Fork Creek trail.  I even made it out to Parkrun Durham USA one Saturday where I placed second in the women’s division, second in my age group, and fifth overall.  Thankfully that day there were only five runners.  I also hosted a house party to watch the premiere of Younger with some of my running buddies who expressed interest.  At the end of the month I volunteered at the Mountains to Sea trail race (it was way more fun to volunteer than to run it) and then hosted a practice run on the Tar Heel 10 miler course.


Page Eighteen 2015

Bull City Running Company and the Durham Crossfit community teamed up to provide a once a month crosstraining opportunity for runners called Fit First Fridays.  This month it was held at the downtown Durham Crossfit.  It was wicked cold, so after an outdoor warm up we headed inside for a fifteen minute WOD consisting of slam balls, burpees, lunges, and push-ups.  It was brutal.  Maryam joined me for a few workouts throughout the month as well and has been proving how she can lift heavier things than me on a routine basis.

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Page Seventeen 2015

March wraps up the official RunBuds Women’s Clinic.  It is bittersweet since this date with 60 women is one of my favorite things about my week.  Luckily RunBuds 2.0 is 365 days a year and we can meet for runs all over the triangle and even in neighboring states.  I host a Thursday night run from the store year round at 6:40pm so I am looking forward to seeing many of the ladies there.

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Page Fourteen 2015

The day after an epic Pi Day is really hard to top.  We got up at an insanely early hour to meet at Bull City Running Company at 4:30 to travel just down the road to Cary for the Tobacco Road half marathon.  At the time, I remember thinking how fun it sounded to run it when I signed up.  The running of it actually was fun, but the getting up wicked early for a local race is NOT.  We got there almost two hours before the 7am start, and hung out in the freezing cold inside a tent to wait.  The half itself was a lovely out and back on the ATT.  We went out with a conservative pace, everyone said they were just planning to run it to complete it and we were aiming for a 2:30-2:40 finish time.  I had my full in a week, so best not to overdo it.  As it was, we stuck to the intervals, and managed to finish in just over 2:30.  We stayed together for the most part until around mile 9 when Tracy and Susan broke off and finished about a mile per minute faster in the last 3-4 miles.  It was Nancy’s first half and it was a pleasure to watch her cross the finish line.

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Page Twelve 2015

I love a double race day.  Janice, Cecilia, Anne, Tracy, and I all participated in both the Florence Forth and the Run Green 8k on March 7th.  I had 12 miles on the schedule, so two races at race pace definitely fit the bill.  I ran the Florence Forth at a steady pace, although it is hilly, I just tried to keep moving and tried not to focus on how cold it was at the start of the race.

At Run Green, Anne and I arrived very close to the start time and it was challenging to find a parking spot so I picked up our bibs while Anne parked and we ended up starting the race five minutes in.  We spent the entire time passing people and I was essentially chasing Anne to a 48:48 finish.  It was an amazing day.

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Page Eleven 2015

In February I had the longest runs of my training season leading up to the full.  For my 18 miler, I ran to the start of the Tar Heel 10 Miler course and then joined Ginny, Sarah, Veronica, and Gloria for the route.  I ran back home to finish and hit 18 miles just as I was entering the neighborhood.  5 by the 5th started up again this month and I did my 5 with Lindsy as part of a seven mile run before work.  Caroline, Cecilia, and I had dinner and went to see Harry Connick Jr. at the DPAC.  We had the best time!  Scott went to Sweden for a talk and it was interesting getting runs in.  I took the boys to the track one day and I ran while they ran a muck with playground balls and a frisbee.  I have no idea how I managed five miles.  They had playdates that weekend with Ian and Oliver so I could get in my 13 miler.  For my 20 miler we had icy conditions so I ran on the treadmill and although I finished it, I wouldn’t have wished it on anyone.  I watched six episodes of the Walking Dead and fueled the run with Honey Stingers.  Speaking of which, I was welcomed to the hive at the beginning of February.  Too excited to share my love of honey stingers chews and waffles with the rest of the running community.

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Page Ten 2015

In February, the box had a fun night out for one of the Duke vs. Carolina basketball games.  My dad was in town so he came along and we had a great time.  I also found myself out on the roads on one of the snow days and went ahead and went to crossfit — I was one of two members there for class that morning.  We also had a fun birthday celebration for some of the girls with a WOD based on their ages and their favorite exercises.  So much fun!runiversary album 2-073