Page Eleven 2015

In February I had the longest runs of my training season leading up to the full.  For my 18 miler, I ran to the start of the Tar Heel 10 Miler course and then joined Ginny, Sarah, Veronica, and Gloria for the route.  I ran back home to finish and hit 18 miles just as I was entering the neighborhood.  5 by the 5th started up again this month and I did my 5 with Lindsy as part of a seven mile run before work.  Caroline, Cecilia, and I had dinner and went to see Harry Connick Jr. at the DPAC.  We had the best time!  Scott went to Sweden for a talk and it was interesting getting runs in.  I took the boys to the track one day and I ran while they ran a muck with playground balls and a frisbee.  I have no idea how I managed five miles.  They had playdates that weekend with Ian and Oliver so I could get in my 13 miler.  For my 20 miler we had icy conditions so I ran on the treadmill and although I finished it, I wouldn’t have wished it on anyone.  I watched six episodes of the Walking Dead and fueled the run with Honey Stingers.  Speaking of which, I was welcomed to the hive at the beginning of February.  Too excited to share my love of honey stingers chews and waffles with the rest of the running community.

runiversary album 2-074


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