Page Twenty-Five 2015

The No Bull Training program kicked off on April 7th, it’s the first time I’ve done the program, and it definitely threw my routine for a loop.  I’m finding the tougher runs a couple times a week to be challenging but also refreshing.  My streak is still going strong even with the end of the month having particularly low mileage.  I donated blood this month, hit 700 miles for the year, and celebrated Tracy’s birthday at Fullsteam.


Page Twenty-Four 2015

Still going strong on Crossfit.  Maryam has been joining me for workouts which has been fun.  I think the biggest difference in my running this year can be attributed to the addition of Crossfit.

Runiversary 2015-024

Page Twenty-Three 2015

The weekend of the Fitness 5k and the Indoor Tri turned out to be the weekend my speed training and new shoes took the best of me.  I was having pain in the ball of my foot on my left foot and eventually that led to shin splints on my right leg.  It all came to a head on my long run on the Saturday.  I thought about quitting the run several times, but then whatever was aching would go away.  By the time I found myself to the start of the 5k, I was in no condition to really run my usual 5k pace.  I managed to stay with Gloria for the race, but have really never complained so much during a race.  Afterwards, I hobbled home, nearly in tears by the time I reached my house.  The next day was the indoor tri where thankfully I only had to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  For the next week I babied my ailments with an easy mile on the treadmill followed by ten miles on the bike.  At the end of the week, I was feeling well enough for the Colonial 70 relay much to my delight and to the delight of my team.

Runiversary 2015-023

Page Twenty-Two 2015

The weekend after the Cherry Blossom 10 miler was the Tar Heel 10 miler.  It’s my fifth time running this race.  No sense in skipping it, since it’s in my backyard.  I ran to the start of the race mostly to avoid having to get there wicked early to park.  It was really humid though and I was already drenched with sweat at the start.  I tried to keep up with Lesa and Christina but they just had more to give that day so I broke off from them somewhere around Gimghoul (around mile 5-6) and made my own way.  On the way down Raleigh Rd. Lindsy started to run with me and offered to finish the race with me.  I was thrilled to have the company.  I’m pretty sure it was my best official race time, but it was not my best Laurel Hill split.  The best part of the day though was probably the trip to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen after the race with the Usual Running Suspects.

Runiversary 2015-022

Page Twenty 2015

The spring season of Girls on the Run was amazing.  We had a bunch of new girls, but still had a full roster of sixteen.  The weather in February forced us to miss a bunch of practices, but we managed to be race day ready in time for the 5k in April.  The girls did a great job at the mock 5k, and they put together an amazing donation for the KIDDS project in Kenya as their community service project.  I can’t wait to coach again in the fall!

Runiversary 2015-020

Page Twenty-One 2015

A week before we left for DC for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, we met up at Buehler to run together.  Leslie was very much on the fence and Kellye was a bit too.  Over the course of the next six miles though we settled on a race strategy of 3:2 intervals and made the commitment to go ahead.  We had a whirlwind trip arriving in time for dinner with a couple of Leslie’s friends and a visit by Jeanne and David, racing in the morning, and hitting Georgetown Cupcakes and Pinkberry in the afternoon before heading back home.  The race was perfect, our strategy held us well and we didn’t have to do extra walking to get to the finish line and we managed to maintain about a 13 minute mile, well under the cutoff.Runiversary 2015-021