Page Twenty-Two 2015

The weekend after the Cherry Blossom 10 miler was the Tar Heel 10 miler.  It’s my fifth time running this race.  No sense in skipping it, since it’s in my backyard.  I ran to the start of the race mostly to avoid having to get there wicked early to park.  It was really humid though and I was already drenched with sweat at the start.  I tried to keep up with Lesa and Christina but they just had more to give that day so I broke off from them somewhere around Gimghoul (around mile 5-6) and made my own way.  On the way down Raleigh Rd. Lindsy started to run with me and offered to finish the race with me.  I was thrilled to have the company.  I’m pretty sure it was my best official race time, but it was not my best Laurel Hill split.  The best part of the day though was probably the trip to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen after the race with the Usual Running Suspects.

Runiversary 2015-022


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