Page Twenty-Three 2015

The weekend of the Fitness 5k and the Indoor Tri turned out to be the weekend my speed training and new shoes took the best of me.  I was having pain in the ball of my foot on my left foot and eventually that led to shin splints on my right leg.  It all came to a head on my long run on the Saturday.  I thought about quitting the run several times, but then whatever was aching would go away.  By the time I found myself to the start of the 5k, I was in no condition to really run my usual 5k pace.  I managed to stay with Gloria for the race, but have really never complained so much during a race.  Afterwards, I hobbled home, nearly in tears by the time I reached my house.  The next day was the indoor tri where thankfully I only had to run for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  For the next week I babied my ailments with an easy mile on the treadmill followed by ten miles on the bike.  At the end of the week, I was feeling well enough for the Colonial 70 relay much to my delight and to the delight of my team.

Runiversary 2015-023


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