Page Thirty 2015

May was a month full of fun!  On Cinco de Mayo, the training group had a run on the track.  I hit 800 miles for the year and a few of us went out afterwards to celebrate the holiday.  That weekend we had a point to pint — the ball of my foot was still bothering me at this point so it was a challenging ten miler which I rewarded with an awesome meal at Tyler’s.  For Mother’s Day, Logan and I did the Lululemon 5k fun run and at Kids Run DRM the boys and I did the Moms 400m.  I hit 900 miles for the year at a long run with a bunch of buds.  My second summer activity streak started on Memorial Day — most days we have at least thirty check-ins and at least once or twice a week we have forty.  Finally, at the end of the month we had a low country boil at one of the RunBuds houses.  It was a super fun evening filled with good food, good drinks, singing, and tons of laughter.

Runiversary 2015-029


Page Twenty-Nine 2015

Bull City Running Company co-hosted Crossfit at Bull City Crossfit this month.  It was a fun partner workout that really got us moving.  I’m really enjoying the collaboration between these two businesses.

Runiversary 2015-029

Page Twenty-Eight 2015

Running of the Bulls is my favorite race of the year.  This year was no exception.  We worked hard for eight weeks prepping for our fastest 8k yet and this race performance did not disappoint.  I did a running warm up and then participated in a dynamic warm up led by Ellen which I think might have gone on forever.  I had an awesome time running with Tracy.  The kids made it in time for the kids stadium laps and they did a fabulous job.  Logan was all business finishing in under a minute and Connor was enjoying the run — both approaches totally fit with their personalities.  You can never go wrong with a race with beer at the end.  I highly recommend it.Runiversary 2015-028

Page Twenty-Seven 2015

The weekend of May 16th and 17th I participated in two races: the Live to 100 5k, and the NCRC Classic Half Marathon.  The first was the result of a fundraiser for Arts in Action at one of the schools I work at.  I put up for auction a 5k entry and pacing for a 5k and one of my Girls on the Run girls won.  She and I picked a race and ran it together.  It was her first run where she didn’t have one of her parents pacing her.  As with many 5ks the food at the end was an awesome spread.  It looked like a bake sale there were so many delightful homemade treats.

The next day, a bunch of us did the NCRC Classic half at Umstead.  It was a fun run — full of hills.  It was part of the triple crown for the spring.  I ran most of the race with Tracy and Kristen, but towards the end, Tracy picked up the pace and finished strong.

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Page Twenty-Six 2015

Relays are SO much fun!  We had such a great time at the Tuna 200 that we decided to put together a team for it’s sister race, the Colonial 70 in May.  This one was shorter which meant we each had two legs to run and didn’t have to run through the night.  We did start at around 3:30am though (guess who had that leg?).  It was an awesome race and we are already thinking about the Palmetto 70.

Runiversary 2015-026