Page Thirty 2015

May was a month full of fun!  On Cinco de Mayo, the training group had a run on the track.  I hit 800 miles for the year and a few of us went out afterwards to celebrate the holiday.  That weekend we had a point to pint — the ball of my foot was still bothering me at this point so it was a challenging ten miler which I rewarded with an awesome meal at Tyler’s.  For Mother’s Day, Logan and I did the Lululemon 5k fun run and at Kids Run DRM the boys and I did the Moms 400m.  I hit 900 miles for the year at a long run with a bunch of buds.  My second summer activity streak started on Memorial Day — most days we have at least thirty check-ins and at least once or twice a week we have forty.  Finally, at the end of the month we had a low country boil at one of the RunBuds houses.  It was a super fun evening filled with good food, good drinks, singing, and tons of laughter.

Runiversary 2015-029


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