Page Two 2016

The much anticipated first run of the 2016 fun runs occurred on January 16th.  Thirty runners gathered at Monuts on 9th street and we ran a 2.2 mile loop designed by Susie. Afterwards several of the runners grabbed donuts and biscuits at Monuts.  I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out at my first fun run of the year.  The next one will be at Bull City Running Company to celebrate Chinese New Year on February 8th.

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Page One 2016

On New Year’s Day I participated in the Resolve to Run with Merissa.  It was a fun 5k out in Raleigh with a photo op along the skyline.  They graciously gave us a hard cider after the run in lieu of beer which meant Merissa could have one too.  When they drew my bib number for prizes, I opted for an entry into the Run for the Roses 5k.

A couple of days later, Leslie, Crystal, Kristen, Judy, Kellye, and I participated in the Indoor Tri at Lifetime Fitness.  I was pleased overall with my performance, but need to time the treadmill run a bit better — I was a little slow to pick up my speed and didn’t managed to get over 2 miles.  I did however, place fifth among the women.

The Indoor Tri fell on my Streakiversary — I started running every day on January 3rd, 2012.  It was great to be able to celebrate that among friends.  During my fourth year of streak running, I racked up 2209.93 miles, an average of 6.05 miles per day.

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Page Sixty Two 2015

I had a really FULL year of running.  I achieved my goal of running 15, 15 milers in 2015 and finished it a bit too early, so I set a new goal to run 20, 15 milers and counted wrong so I ended up running 21 of them.  I counted number 14 twice.  Whoops!  I didn’t set out to run the year in miles, but I did track every 100 miles and managed to run 2200 miles in the year.  I did a ridiculous number of races — you’ve seen the scrapbook pages, you know.  Next year is going to be all about fun runs.  I’m limiting myself to 12 races, I’ll volunteer at a couple that I would normally run in, and I’m hosting 16 fun runs.

Here’s my race plan for 2016:

1 1/3/2016 Indoor Tri
2 1/24/2016 occoneechee speedway relay
3 2/14/2016 run for the roses
4 3/5/2016 Florence Forth 10k
5 3/19/2016 Townbanke 8k
6 3/20/2016 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon
7 4/23/2016 Tar Heel 10 Miler 10 miler
8 5/12/2016 Esprit de She 10k
 fun run Heat of the Night 4 miler
9 10/1/2016 Crawlin Crab 5k
10 10/2/2016 Crawlin Crab Half Marathon
11 10/16/2016 Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon
12 10/22/2016 Tuna Relay
 fun run Freaky 4 miler
 fun run Festivus 5k 5k

Runiversary 2015-062

Page Sixty One 2015

The third and final race of the Triple Jog Dare hosted by J&A Racing was held on December 19th.  Leslie was looking for a race to do to get her back into running.  I was thrilled when she decided to do the Surf N Santa 5 miler with me.  We drove up the day of the race, grabbed our bibs, and checked in at the hotel. By the time we changed and drove back to the start, we were getting out of the car to the emcee calling three minutes til Corral One would start the race.  I thought the race started at 5pm but it really started at 4:30pm!  I checked to make sure Leslie had everything she needed, made a meet up plan, and dashed off to Corral Two.  The race was great — it was cool, but not freezing, and I loved running along the boardwalk.  I managed a PR which is more than I expected out of the race.  I finished in 47:44 besting my Running of the Bulls 8k time by over 10 seconds.  In 2015, I set personal bests in the mile, 5k, 8k, 10k, and marathon.  No such luck in the 10 mile or half marathon.

Runiversary 2015-061

Page Sixty 2015

In the fall, I co-coached with Meredith for my third season of Girls on the Run.  We had a great season.  Our goal race was the Reindeer Romp which I ran with one of the girls as her running buddy.  In the beginning she was upset because we weren’t running very fast and then when we started to speed up and eventually ran into another one of the girls on our team she kept saying she didn’t think the race would ever be over.  She hung in there though and we all made it to the finish line.  She and I finished in 39:16.  Practice starts again next week and I can hardly wait!

Runiversary 2015-060

Page Fifty Nine 2015

The first weekend of December was a race weekend.  Saturday several of the RunBuds participated in the Durham Jingle Bell LEAP 5k.  I paired up with Tracy who early in the race said she’d like to finish in under 30 minutes.  I knew we could do that.  We got a little bit faster each mile and finished in just over 29 minutes.  It was a PR for her which I didn’t find out about until a few days later and it was an excellent run.  Rochelle placed in her age group and got a cookie award!

The next day a group of us drove out to Greenville for an afternoon race.  Tracy had a time goal of 1:42 so we were running 10 minute miles.  I stayed with her until the end of the 7th mile when I decided to make a pit stop.  She made her time goal and placed in her age group and I finished in 1:44:57.  Surprisingly, I beat my 10k PR time in the first 10k of the race in 1:02:15.  I’d love to get a 10k in under an hour.

Runiversary 2015-059

Page Fifty Eight 2015

During the month of November I completed three more 15 mile runs, donated my 11th pint of blood, celebrated the end of the racing season, and hit my 1900th, 2000th, and 2015th mile of the year.  The Holiday Activity Streak kicked off on Thanksgiving Day — a special shout out to our sponsors: Cafe Carolina and Bakery, the Tar Heel 10 Miler, and all of the participants.

Runiversary 2015-058

Page Fifty Seven 2015

Participated in the Total WOD in October and managed to PR my back squat at 185.5lb, and my deadlift at 215.  A few weeks later I PRd my strict press to 77.5 in what seemed to be the longest rep ever.  In November we had the annual Barbells for Boobs event.  I raised $161 for the event.  One other fun thing I tried out in October was an acroyoga class at the Athleta Crabtree hosted by Arrichion which I took the kids to.  It was a fun session of crosstraining to round out the month.

Runiversary 2015-057

Page Fifty Six 2015

I can’t say enough about the J&A race series.  I am so glad I was able to be an ambassador in 2014/15 and I have enjoyed every single one of the races I have participated in this year.  This race was the second in the Triple Jog Dare challenge.  I managed to blow my 5k PR out of the water and completed a rainy day half marathon with my second best time.  I especially enjoyed the time spent with the family in Norfolk for our extended weekend getaway.

Runiversary 2015-056

Page Fifty Five 2015

Ladies night is pretty much the greatest night at Bull City Running Company — next to the first night of RunBuds of course.  It is so much fun to get together with the women of Bull City Running Company and RunBuds and check out the fall fashions, make our Christmas wish lists, and have celebratory drinks and fun raffles.  I was thrilled to be able to make it to the event.  The next morning I headed off to Norfolk for Harbor Lights.

Runiversary 2015-055