Running Goals 2016

2010: Start running

2011: Learn to run, run in first half marathon

2012: Run everyday

2013: Run 13 months (i.e. 30 doubles)

2014: Run the year in miles

2015: Run 15, 15 milers

2016: Host and complete 16 fun runs

Running every day makes running in races SUPER enticing.  When you think about it, running in 30 races over the course of 365 runs doesn’t seem outrageous, but to the 3-5 day a week runner, it’s a lot.  Partly I wanted to participate in races that I thought I might not get the chance to again if we moved out of state.  The rest of the pull to race was of course that it was FUN and I had miles to run anyways.  However, when my buddy Ginny suggested I use 2016 as a chance to run in some fun 16 and 2016 related runs, I got pretty excited about the idea.

We went through a bunch of brainstorming and googling to figure out the best ideas for 16 different fun runs and came up with the following:

  1. Saturday, January 16 — Sweet 16 donut run — Hostess donuts come in 16 — we’re going to run from Monuts in Durham
  2. Monday, February 8th — Year of the Monkey Run — Chinese New Year — we’ll celebrate the completion of this run with Chinese food of course.
  3. Tuesday, February 16 — Lincoln Penny Run — we’re going to run by the Lincoln Community Health Center in honor of our 16th president.
  4. Monday, February 29 — Leap Year Run — because, Leap Year
  5. Wednesday, March 16 — March Madness Run — we’ll wear our college gear and pass around a basketball and follow it up with some college hoops viewing.
  6. Saturday, April 16 — 16 Hour Run — run as little or as much as you want for the 16 waking hours of the day.
  7. Thursday, April 21 — Double Sapphire Run — in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday (wear a tiara?)
  8. Monday, May 16 — Sixteen Candles Run — run followed by showing of Sixteen Candles — can we get Fullsteam to screen it?
  9. Thursday, June 16 — National Park Run — Did you know 2016 is the Year of the National Park?  We’ll run on some greenway to celebrate.
  10. Saturday, July 16 — Chess Run — National Chess Day is in July and chess has 16 pawns and each player starts with 16 pieces.  We’ll run from the human sized chess board at the Lucky Strike Tower in Durham.
  11. Tuesday, August 16 — Olympic Games Run – this will take place on the track in honor of the 2016 Olympics — we will do track events.
  12. Friday, September 16 — Tennessee Run — in honor of our sixteenth state — this will involve whiskey.
  13. Sunday, October 16 — 16.2 challenge 5k on Saturday — BCRfest half on Sunday — those who run 5k on Saturday and 13.1 on Sunday will have completed a 16.2mi challenge.
  14. Tuesday, November 8 — I Voted Run — Wear your sticker or you can’t run.  2016 is an election year.
  15. Wednesday, November 16 — Day for Tolerance Pint Run — We’ll run from the store (BCRC) to Tyler’s and drink Pints for Tolerance.  It is the International Day for Tolerance.
  16. Friday, December 16 — Boston Tea Party — location TBD (Hummingbird Cafe?) — we’ll run and then have tea.  This is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

If you’re local — join in the fun.  If you are far away, participate virtually.  See the facebook page for printable bibs for each event.  I can’t wait to see how all these runs turn out!

P.S.  This does not mean I won’t be running races.  Hello, races are FUN!  I’ll just be running fewer races in 2016: Occoneechee Speedway Relay, Run for the Roses, Florence Forth 10k, Shamrock Marathon Weekend, Tar Heel 10 miler, Running of the Bulls, Esprit de She Cary, Bull City Race Fest, Crawlin Crab.  Those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head.



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