Page Forty Two 2015

My wishes to run in the Race 13.1 Durham were not to be.  The race was scheduled the same day as the Reindeer Romp (the goal race for the GOTR Triangle).  Luckily the organizers of the race had an option for me to swap out for any of their other races, so I made the last minute decision to run in the September Race 13.1 Raleigh.  While the rest of my RunBuds were running long with the BCRC training program, I was living it up at the half.  It was well supported and a lovely course.  The previous weekend I ran with Tracy and Donna on a sixteen miler that didn’t feel nearly as good on my legs.  Given that the run the previous week took me nine minutes longer makes sense.  Tracy blames it on the crossfit workout I did the day before, we’ll never know — some runs are better than others.

Runiversary 2015-042


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