Page Fifty Four 2015

I committed to run only one full marathon in 2015, so when a bunch of RunBuds signed up to do the OBX marathon, I didn’t sign up to run it too, but I did sign up to do the next best thing.  I signed up for the 8k/half marathon challenge AND the Southern Six.  I had a blast at the 8k, it was humid as all get out, but I kept pace behind a couple wearing the Maryland Flag.  Eventually at the last water stop I passed them.  At the half, I started out with Kristen an Andrea, but when we got to the last six miles, they sent me ahead and they joined up with Jana and Maya.  I picked up the pace and managed to finish in under 2:30 by a few minutes.  Dana and I grabbed the shuttle from the finish and went back to the start of the Southern Six where I got to watch Dana and Vickie start their run and wait for Tracy to come along.  From the 20 mile mark, I was able to see Angela, Janice, and Klugh come by and cheer them on.  Tracy came by shortly thereafter and I ran the last 10k with her.  I was thrilled to be able to keep up with her and see her cross the finish line well before her goal.

Runiversary 2015-054


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