Page Sixty Two 2015

I had a really FULL year of running.  I achieved my goal of running 15, 15 milers in 2015 and finished it a bit too early, so I set a new goal to run 20, 15 milers and counted wrong so I ended up running 21 of them.  I counted number 14 twice.  Whoops!  I didn’t set out to run the year in miles, but I did track every 100 miles and managed to run 2200 miles in the year.  I did a ridiculous number of races — you’ve seen the scrapbook pages, you know.  Next year is going to be all about fun runs.  I’m limiting myself to 12 races, I’ll volunteer at a couple that I would normally run in, and I’m hosting 16 fun runs.

Here’s my race plan for 2016:

1 1/3/2016 Indoor Tri
2 1/24/2016 occoneechee speedway relay
3 2/14/2016 run for the roses
4 3/5/2016 Florence Forth 10k
5 3/19/2016 Townbanke 8k
6 3/20/2016 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon
7 4/23/2016 Tar Heel 10 Miler 10 miler
8 5/12/2016 Esprit de She 10k
 fun run Heat of the Night 4 miler
9 10/1/2016 Crawlin Crab 5k
10 10/2/2016 Crawlin Crab Half Marathon
11 10/16/2016 Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon
12 10/22/2016 Tuna Relay
 fun run Freaky 4 miler
 fun run Festivus 5k 5k

Runiversary 2015-062


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