Page One 2016

On New Year’s Day I participated in the Resolve to Run with Merissa.  It was a fun 5k out in Raleigh with a photo op along the skyline.  They graciously gave us a hard cider after the run in lieu of beer which meant Merissa could have one too.  When they drew my bib number for prizes, I opted for an entry into the Run for the Roses 5k.

A couple of days later, Leslie, Crystal, Kristen, Judy, Kellye, and I participated in the Indoor Tri at Lifetime Fitness.  I was pleased overall with my performance, but need to time the treadmill run a bit better — I was a little slow to pick up my speed and didn’t managed to get over 2 miles.  I did however, place fifth among the women.

The Indoor Tri fell on my Streakiversary — I started running every day on January 3rd, 2012.  It was great to be able to celebrate that among friends.  During my fourth year of streak running, I racked up 2209.93 miles, an average of 6.05 miles per day.

Runiversary 2016-001


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