Page Twenty One 2016

I had the opportunity to run ALL the races with J&A this past racing season and the culminating race for me was the Shamrock Marathon.  I did the 8k as a shake-out run on Saturday and did the full on Sunday.  The weather was TERRIBLE.  I lucked out and the rain had mostly stopped by the time the marathon started, but the wind was still awful strong (especially along the main road — Pacific Avenue where we were trapped between tall hotel buildings and the wind shoved us across and to the left) and there were definitely points when I thought — 13 miles sounds great, right?  Stop here?  But I kept going and eventually made it to the finish line.  I also CRUSHED my previous PR of 5:00:11 with a shiny new PR of 4:48:20 — WOOT!  After finishing the race, I hopped in the van with my boys and we made it all of ten minutes down the road before my youngest needed a bathroom break.  I changed clothes and used the hand dryer as a hair dryer at the Popeyes we stopped at in Norfolk and then it was back home and back to reality.



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