Page Twenty Five 2016

The biggest challenge of the “Year of the Fun Run” was definitely the 16 hour run.  I thought it would be fun to see how many miles we could run over the course of sixteen hours.  I challenged everyone who participated to set a goal a little bit farther than their farthest run.  Tracy decided in honor of her birthday she would run 56k.  I thought I would go for at least that and ended up with 36mi.  I ran instead of using a car all day.

A group of us ran 5 miles in the morning, then Tracy and I ran to downtown for the Girls on the Run 5k.  We both ran as running buddies at the GOTR 5k.  Afterwards Tracy continued on to do a long run through Duke Forest while I fueled up with lunch with Dana at Moe’s.  After lunch I headed back on the trail to go to my boys’ soccer games.  After the games I ran via the running store to head home for a shower and a bit of recovery, then it was off to the mall to meet up with Kellye for dinner.  She said we had to wait a bit for a table so I should run some laps while we waited.  When our table was ready, I headed in and enjoyed a nice leisurely meal.

While we were eating, Tracy was out on her final run with Susan on the bike leading the way.  After dinner, I took a slow jog back to the house the most direct way possible leaving me with a total of just over 36 miles for the day.  Tracy and I agreed that even though it was fun, we don’t ever want to do that again.  It was harder than any recovery from a marathon and the next day, the six or so mile run I did with Kathy was challenging.runiversary-2016-025


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