Page Fifty 2016

As a J&A Ambassador in 2015, I had registered for the Crawlin’ Crab.  A hurricane ended up causing the race to be postponed so I asked to defer my registration to 2016.  They were happy to accommodate my request.  I was so excited about getting to complete the Shell Yeah challenge, a 5k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.  The 5k went pretty well, I could tell right away I wasn’t going to PR, but held on to a pretty steady pace even as the rain started to pick up.  I finished in 32:17 and then a downpour occurred just as I was getting my dry bag from the tent.  The next day was hot and humid and I ended up finishing the half in 2:34:51.  The last four miles of the race were pretty miserable once the heat and humidity had really settled in.  Luckily the after-party was in full swing and I was able to enjoy it a bit before we had to head home in time for the Reading RunBuds book club.



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