Page Fifty One 2016

During the second weekend of the month, we had our exposure to Hurricane Matthew.  Some of the girls had come over for a House Party I was hosting featuring Russell Stover Everyday Chocolates.  We were just starting a game of Cards Against Humanity and then the power went out.  We went without power for 23 hours.  Lesa and I ended up postponing our long run to Sunday.

I had no idea what to expect when I had Scott drop me off at one end of the American Tobacco Trail at 5:30a to start.  The plan was that I would meet Lesa along the trail.  Right about where I thought we would meet up, I came across a huge tree sprawling across the trail that was above my head tall.  I meekly called out “Lesa” hoping that she might be on the other side and surprisingly she was!  That moment of relief is one I will never forget.  I was able to climb through the branches of the tree to get to her and we were on our way.  We ran into a bunch of RunBuds getting in a run from the store and were able to run with them all the way to the store.  Finally, just a few miles from the other end of the trail, Anne connected up with us and ran us in to the finish.  We went to Tyler’s to celebrate our accomplishment.

The only downside to bumping our long run to Sunday was that I had already registered for a 5k that afternoon, so I rested up and headed out for the 5k.  Luckily I ran into Cecilia and she let me tag along on the run with her.  At the end, our kick was so impressive that Anna thought we had both had a personal best.




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