Page Fifty Three 2016

I was lucky enough to have half of my race registration refunded for the Bull City Race Fest early in 2016, so it was definitely on my calendar for awhile.  In 2015, I had hoped to break 2:30 for the half, and came pretty close.  I had a fantastic time at the race.  I enjoyed hanging out with some of the other RunBuds who did the race afterwards and I remember getting a text from my husband who was checking in to make sure I was okay when I realized that he thought I had just gone on a long run and not to a race downtown.  Whoops!

The following weekend we celebrated the life of a RunBud who we lost way too soon to a rare form of leukemia, Kim Buff.  She was one of the women in my pace group for RunBuds in 2016 and it was definitely a shock to hear of her passing.  Christina organized a group of us to participate in the 5k Say Boo to Cancer to honor Kim.  It was Tracy’s first race back after her injury.  The next day, the Sunday Runners celebrated Crystal’s birthday with a run around East Campus.



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