Page Fifty-One 2014

For the half and full training program there are two goal races: Bull City Race Fest and Richmond Half and Full Marathon.  I wasn’t doing either.  I was using the training program to prep me for the Tuna Relay in October and the Harbor Lights 5k/half marathon hat trick in November.  I signed up to volunteer at the Bull City Race Fest and got to direct runners at the 11 mile mark along the course.  It was great to see so many fellow runners out there and I took over 50 pictures of just the people I knew through running.  Everyone did an amazing job.  When my shift was over I was able to catch up to Dana and run the remaining couple of miles with her.  Then I got to celebrate with everyone at the finish line.

Also pictured on this page are the photos from the Carrboro 10k which I used as a run within a run for my training program.  I did a warm up before the race, ran the race with Christina at a decent clip, and then did another mile when I parked in my lot at home with my boys to cool down.  It was a fun race and is the second in Le Tour de Carrboro which I am excited brought the jacket back for the 2014 finishers of all three races.

runiversary album 2-037


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